Different Types of Financing

Financial strength for a company is indeed an important factor if it is to survive in the market. Especially if you are planning to start your own business, you must find ways to provide the necessary finance or in simple terms the needed money to run it. This includes purchase […]

What are the Elements of a Financial Report?

Finance, accounting and money will not be a foreign term if you are someone that is heavily engaged in the business world. In facts, finance is what runs a business. It determines how strong a firm is financially and how it can get up among the other players in the […]

Is Finance Important for a Business?

Finance. Some find it quite complex to handle, while some seem to adore it. It is one of the most important things in our lives as well as in a business as that is what handles the money matters of the company. Whoever is assigned to handle the finance related […]

What is the Role of a SME for a Country’s Economy?

If we are to categorize businesses, there would be plenty to fill that diagram. One of them would be Small and Medium Scale Businesses, better known as SMEs, which have become quite popular in the recent past among buyers. They have quite a vital role to play in the economy […]

Features of a Public Limited Company

The evolution of businesses began from sole propriety and has now reached higher and more convenient types which make the business legally easy to handle and run for a longer period of time. Public Limited Companies, better known as PLCs came to light in this process of business evolvement. These […]